Making Characters Not Clichés at Game Devs of Color Expo

What makes Night School Studio’s characters relatable and realistic? Why the hell is Satan so big? You’ve been asking these questions and we’ve asked them of ourselves as well.

Whether facing an interdimensional threat or drinking with demons, Night School’s characters face pivotal moments in their lives and within the larger world. To better define our approach in creating these characters, studio co-founder and lead writer Adam Hines got together with art director Ruel Pascual and documented our process on just that. They’ll present their findings at the Game Devs of Color Expo in their talk “Characters Not Clichés” on September 17, 2022 at 10:15 ET

What you’ll learn:

Adam and Ruel take a deep dive into why our studio infuses tried-and-true narrative concepts with characters who aren’t reduced to clichés. Through an in-depth look at three characters (Alex from OXENFREE, Satan from Afterparty, and Riley from OXENFREE II: Lost Signals) they will share the core pillars we use to create characters that are nuanced, complicated, and compelling. You’ll walk away from the talk equipped with tips on using narrative design, dialogue, visual design, and player-driven choice. 

More about Game Devs of Color:This year’s expo is happening Thursday September 15 – Monday September 19, 2022. GDoC’s mission is to amplify the creative power held by people of color in games. We do this by organizing revolutionary events, uniting our vibrant community, and building access to knowledge, funding, and opportunities. Learn more at