OXENFREE 3.2 Patch Notes

Since last September, we’ve been working tirelessly to stop whatever is breaking the game and getting into the radio. We’re still not sure how it happened or if it’s really fixed. The QA team can’t confirm that the broadcasts are blocked but we feel really good about this ■atch.

As we submitted the patch, a video appeared and w◼︎ think it might be the 🀫ast one we receive. Whatever is happening on the radio at 107.0 sounds like something we shouldn’t be hearing. It sounds like a final goodb🀫e.

The good new■ is that we were also ab🀫◼︎ to fix a few minor but irritating bugs. This sh🀫🀰ld be the best ◼︎🀫🀰sion of OX🀫NFREE to d◼︎te, with an update on these platforms:

We’ve also added subtitle localizations in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Simplified Chinese.

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