Work With Us

Contract Game Engineer

Night School Studio is an independent game developer known for player-driven narratives that combine wonder, danger, and humor. We’re building visionary worlds and pushing the boundaries of storytelling. We are looking for a driven and experienced engineer to help see our recently announced title, Oxenfree II: Lost Signals, to completion, as well as assist in maintaining and upgrading live titles and pipelines. The ideal candidate is an excellent communicator, a skilled generalist that can adapt and learn quickly, and is well-versed in the vocabulary of story-driven games.


  • Plan for and implement game systems, tools, and pipelines for one of Night School’s upcoming projects, as well as for upgrades to live games.
  • Use problem-solving skills to write code that is elegant, extensible, and optimized.
  • Help maintain our codebases by testing, analyzing, debugging, and optimizing.
  • Work closely with peers and leadership to develop features that are of a cohesive technical and creative vision.
  • Provide technical expertise to other departments where needed.
  • Learn new skills, tools, and workflows on the fly to adapt to the ever-changing environment of software development.
  • Clearly communicate specifications of features and tools to the rest of the team.

About You:

  • Willing and able to jump into all kinds of programming and technical tasks
  • Have a passion for building interesting and effective gameplay systems
  • Driven to write intuitive and robust code
  • Skilled at giving and receiving critique and feedback
  • Able to intuit the intent of a design and translate that into a functional feature
  • Self-starter willing to find solutions and ask questions when needed
  • Attention to detail
  • Fluent in English

Skills & Requirements:

  • A breadth of knowledge in all kinds of software engineering and game development topics
  • Ability to communicate effectively with other team members
  • Strong 3D math and logic skills
  • Experience working in Unity
  • Strong understanding of memory management & performance
  • Significant experience in C# or C++
  • Two or more shipped console or PC games
  • Bonus: Significant experience with git
  • Bonus: Experience with AWS or other networking features