Roadtrip Through Space

A road trip adventure story set in a colorful, cutthroat vision of outer space.

Play as Beckett, a simple courier living a simple life until a chance encounter with former bounty hunter Serra throws him into an adventure he never expected. And might not survive.

The unlikely allies fly across a dusty, deadly galaxy in a race to save Serra’s son Eddy–dodging gangsters, bounty hunters, and the dangers of deep space along the way. Beckett is in over his head. How he survives–the choices he makes, the relationships he forges, the person he becomes–is up to you.


  • An intelligent conversation system with branching dialogue that changes your relationships and the story based on every decision
  • A spaceship that comes fully equipped with his own personality
  • A completely unique version of space (the outer reaches of a dilapidated galaxy) filled with colorful skies, treacherous asteroids and several orbits to explore
  • A thrilling and thoughtful narrative brought to life by a vibrant cast of voice actors
  • Cross-device play through Apple Arcade


Joshua Alexander: Beckett
Alexis Larsen: Nix
Michael Malconian: Cody
Tom Aglio: Eddy
Joe Bianco: Wrench
Matthew Curtis: Zeb
Elizabeth Saydah: Serra
Kendra Raines: Michigan
Becky Shrimpton: Tex
Mike Conway: Phobos
Alex Mack: Maya