Escape Hell With Your Best Bud

Who would you want to be trapped with for all of eternity? Milo and Lola are dead. And best friends. And in hell. Unless they can escape.

Turns out there’s a simple loophole: outdrink Satan and he’ll grant anyone re-entry to Earth. Afterparty redefines Night School Studio’s intelligent conversation system with a wild story and crazy relationships that change based on every decision. Take a drink, confront your personal demons, and uncover the mystery of your damnation. It’s up to you to get your best bud outta hell.

The very real relationship between Lola and Milo, the witty humour that had me chuckling every minute and the audacity on show from Night School Studio to go where they did, at the risk of their player’s discomfort, made Afterparty even more than I thought it could be.

– PC Gamer

Inside that over-the-top demonic shell is a deeply human, cuttingly honest, and frequently funny story about two best friends making it through one hell of a night.



Janina Gavankar: Lola
Khoi Dao: Milo
Ashly Burch: Sam
Erin Yvette: Wormhorn
Dave Fennoy: Satan

A thoroughly enjoyable narrative experience that draws you into a hellish world that you (ironically) won’t want to leave.

– Nintendo Life


Drug Reference
Mature Humor
Sexual Content
Strong Language
Use of Alcohol