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    Hello to everyone reading this and to any cats who walked on the keyboard and brought up this site. We made another thing! It’s called Mr. Robot:1.51exfiltrati0n! It takes place in the Mr. Robot universe during the first season, between episodes 5 and 6. But it’s not a side story! It’s an adventure game you.

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  • January 2016: Oxenfree on Xbox One

    Hey peeps, Fun day for Night School today. In the middle of a jam packed first showing of the game at Indiecade, the team delivered some big news. Oxenfree is coming this January 2016, and its console debut will be exclusive to Xbox One! Expect a lot more news in the next couple months. Sorry for the radio silence, we’ve just.

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    Working in a tiny team of passionate people means that everyone’s POV carries a lot of weight. In Night School’s case, that’s 4-full timers with diverse influences and perspectives. It’s not uncommon to find Adam listening to Bryant wax poetic on the virtues of Persona 4 as Heather suffers through my recitations MF Doom lyrics. While Night School are deep in the joyful.

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