OXENFREE II: Catch Up On New Details

Recently, we had a nice bunch of OXENFREE II previews pop up across the internet. So, we’ve made it easy to catch up on the news. Here are five things we’ve revealed recently about OXENFREE II: Lost Signals. This is what you need to know, in the words of esteemed games journalists from around the globe: 

We’re bringing back pivotal conversation choices that shape the story and your connections with other characters.

The Escapist: “For my money, the original Oxenfree contains some of the most natural and conversational dialogue in any game ever. A combination of the realistic-yet-stylized writing, wonderful performances, and implementation of the Aaron Sorkin-esque “walk-and-talk” mechanics all work together to create characters that just sound right. It’s up there with Disco Elysium and Firewatch as the games where I could spend hours just listening to the characters shoot the shit. So, it’s no surprise that the small preview I got to see from Oxenfree II exudes that same level of spoken artistry as the original. “

Use an all-new walkie talkie to chat with contacts and uncover useful insights about the mysteries of Camena.

Gamesradar: “From mysterious strangers to locals in need of some assistance, the walkie-talkie adds to the sense of scale and depth by bringing in both side quests and an additional layer of choice. When you receive a call, you can decide if you want to respond, potentially help out, or simply ignore it all together.”

Reconnecting with an old high school acquaintance is more than just a quick hello… because … ghosts?

Eurogamer: “Here’s something. One word stories. One-word stories? One Word Stories! … And this gets at the heart of Oxenfree 2 for me, I think. On one hand, there’s that dizzying complexity going on behind the scenes, because as Jacob’s friend Riley, you get to choose which word to say, which in turn must impact which word Jacob then chooses as a response. I close my eyes at that and see the decision tree branching out, its bright leaves filling the space above my head. What a thing! A marvel.”

Tune into time tears, tapping into fissures in the time-space continuum that transport you to the past or the future.

IGN: “Did her and Jacob’s meddling happen to cause the mine collapse, or did they just happen to be in the right place at the wrong time? I hope Oxenfree II doesn’t necessarily answer questions like that – it’s the type of time-loopy rabbit hole a story like this allows for, and I love the potential this one sequence promises.”