Finally… Planetshine: OXENFREE II Vinyl Soundtrack Now Available

Put down your radio and get over to The OXENFREE II: Lost Signals soundtrack is officially available now on vinyl. The two-disc record is available to order on today, June 6, 2024, and ships immediately.

Music is a crucial part of OXENFREE II’s DNA. Composer scntfc has once again crafted a foreboding, mercurial synth-powered soundscape that adds a whole new layer of intrigue and mystery to OXENFREE II’s foggy, treacherous cliff tops and streets. The music seems to whisper: “Danger is just around the corner, but so too is hope.”

With 22 tracks pressed on Radio Disturbance Red vinyl, its otherworldly grooves let listeners enjoy the music and mood of OXENFREE II again and again. What’s more: The ludicrously talented Calder Moore crafted all-new cover art worthy of the moody music found inside, calling to mind the brain-bending, jaw-dropping visuals present in the game itself through a stunning new perspective. We’re thrilled with Calder’s fresh, mind-bending take on Camber Cape.

Track List:

[Side A]

  1. Atwater Station
  2. Nightfall, Camena
  3. To The Valley
  4. Cleaned Slate
  5. Lift

[Side B]

  1. No Exit
  2. Waterhead Bluffs
  3. Atalanta Argonaut
  4. Galvanic
  5. A Block. A Rock. A Grave. A Cave.
  6. Change The Station, Time Went
  7. It’s Time To Go

[Side C]

  1. Blacklake
  2. The Stars Are On Their Side
  3. A Bridge
  4. Garland
  5. Past Days

[Side D]

  1. To The Island
  2. Plots
  3. Space Between Time
  4. To The Summit/To The Docks
  5. Ghosts Of The Pacific Northwest