Content Warning

Player choice is a central feature of OXENFREE II: Lost Signals. The game contains playable scenarios which some players may find troubling. See below for additional information on these scenarios.

Self Harm | Suicide

While possessed by ghosts, characters may take actions that would be harmful to their well-being, such as jumping off cliffs or bridges.

Mental Health | Emotional Abuse | Trauma | Verbal Abuse

Throughout the game, characters grapple with issues resulting from complex family relationships, particularly between parents and children. As a result, characters and the player make choices in the game that impact their future. Characters may use hurtful nicknames or manipulative language depending on their relationships with other characters.

Alcohol Abuse

Characters confront decisions made in the past due to the misuse of alcohol.

Psychological Horror | Jump Scares

The OXENFREE universe is centered around psychological, supernatural, sci-fi, and horror themes. Characters grapple with trauma, loss, and their impacts. The game also contains light jump scares at moderate usage.