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  • Radio Days: Inside the Oxenfree Radio

    We’ve teased you with supernatural stories about the radio this past month. Now it’s time to crack the veil on Oxenfree and look at exactly how its radio ticks. We asked our lead programmer, and resident Zelda fan, Bryant Cannon to scour the source code and reveal some mysteries of what happens when Alex twists.

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  • Radio Days: What is a Numbers Station?

    Oxenfree’s “Radio Days” continues, this time with a primer to Numbers Stations. Ever wonder what Yankee Hotel Foxtrot means? It’s not just the title of a Wilco album – it’s part of a broader spy shorthand used in shortwave transmissions since World War I, where each word can be substituted for it’s first letter. In this case, Y,H,F. Anonymous,.

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  • Radio Days: Dead Voices in the Air

    If you’ve been following Oxenfree, you’ve likely noticed some strangeness with the radio that Alex brought to the island. (If you aren’t up to speed, now’s a great time to watch the trailer, or the gameplay demo, featuring some helpful commentary).  We want you to to discover the mysteries of the radio yourself when you get.

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