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NIGHTCAST002 by Nightschoolstudio on Mixcloud

Here it is: NightCast number two. The second entry in our game/mixtape series, featuring tracks that inspire us and exclusive tunes from Oxenfree. Bonus: now that there’s more than one of these, we can call it a series.

July’s set comes from Oxenfree’s composer and sound designer, SCNTFC. This mix is cooler than the first one, partly because SCNTFC knows what he’s doing, and partly because there are hidden clues from Oxenfree in the mix. Play it back at different speeds to see what I’m talking about.

In case you missed our first NightCast from Sean, you can check it out here.

And if you want to contribute to the series, reach out to!


The Night Schoolers



00:00 kona triangle – mauna loa

00:49 john carpenter – the president is gone

01:38 mogi grumbles – a-number-1

04:30 unkown mortal orchestra – from the sun

07:18 black moth super rainbow – seasons for blooming

08:58 young fathers – low

11:36 freescha – star black

15:24 boards of canada – gyroscope

17:23 kona triangle – long mountain

19:50 cluster – rosa

23:21 tvrbvl – ugh

26:33 dabrye – bloop

27:54 john carpenter – police action

29:46 machinedrum – where did we go wrong

33:26 insightful – black dress

35:52 redheaded bedwetters – dannie’s dead body

38:19 slow year – slug techno

40:00 tvrbvl – drizzle

42:00 stars of the lid – even (out)

46:24 arvo pärt – cantus in memorium of benjamin britten

50:54 bibio – torn under the window light / everglad everglade

53:20 ???


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